Native Instruments Website Review & Ratings + Native Instruments Coupons
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Native Instruments Website Review & Ratings + Native Instruments Coupons

Native Instruments : Products & Services

Native Instruments, is a manufacturer of computer based music software and DJ'ing equipment. The company offers thousands of products for use by every level of musician from beginner, to professionals. Native Instruments has developed many wide range, free market products; as well as developing custom sound equipment for several professional, celebrity musicians. The company claims that its products add "depth" and "clarity" to any performers music.

Native Instruments : Company Background

Native instruments was formed in Berlin, Germany in 1996. The brainchild of Daniel Haver, and Mate Galic; the company has set a goal to "revolutionize" the world of music. They currently offer technologies and softwares that are designed to bring the best out of all musics ranging from Jazz, to Heavy Metal. Native Instruments has enjoyed having developed some highly regarded best selling musical tools such as "The Mashine," and the "Traktor" line of technologies. These two product lines have had wild success since their introduction in the mid 2000's and continue to be best selling products for Native Instruments. You can read more about the company and their mission here.

Native Instruments : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Native instruments has a long series of dedicated fans and users. Their machines have become highly popular and very marketable to both DJ's and professional musicians. By far, it's most popular product is "The Mashine." This mixer, used for both live DJ'ing as well as for private recording studios. According to, Native Instrument's "Mashine" line of products rate an overall four out of five stars. This is based on several factors including the quality of sound, durability of machinery, number of effects, and the overall ease of use for the musician. Some of the areas where the product excelled are in the sound, and usability. The area where it rated the lowest was in the price category. The "Traktor" series, is built for more financially fickle customers who are looking to get the best sound without breaking the bank. The "Traktor" series also gets a rating of four out of five stars for it's respective price range.

Native Instruments : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Native Instruments is based out of Berlin Germany, but also has offices and distributors in Seattle, and Los Angeles. Because this is an international company, it is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. However, it's North American distribution centers do have an accreditation, and it is very unsavory. The Better Business Bureau rates Native Instruments North America at a grade level of F+, and it has flagged it with an alert based on the thirty five claims they have had against the company. For more information on the BBB report, please click here

Native Instruments : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Native Instruments is a highly popular website, and has grown steadily in it's viewership over the last decade. According to, the company has an daily viewership of approximately 95,611. It generates over $8,500 monthly based on ad revenues, and has enjoyed a product and distribution expansion of 20% over the last five years. Native Instruments receives a Google pagerank of six out of ten, and it gets a website ranking of #11,505. The company also has over 2,500 backlinks, and also gives the website a popularity rating of three out of five.

Native Instruments : Social Media Presence

Thanks to a wide and populated group of followers, Native Instruments has a very large social media following. The company has profiles on Facebook, and Twitter. Native Instrument's Facebook page boasts over 32,000 likes, and has over 8,000 "talkers" a day discussing the company, its products, or its sales. Native instruments also has a total of 120,000 followers. The company also averages approximately 3,000 retweets daily from its most dedicated followers. The company's Facebook page can be accessed here. Native Instrument's Twitter page can be accessed here. 

Native Instruments : Website Security & Safety

Native Instruments does not get a high rating in security according to Google Safebrowser standards. The website has several areas that land it in the "suspicious" category. The site does however get a clean rating on it's links to other sites. Google reports that there are no known malicious links that have been traced back to Native Instruments. Also, the company has not been found to have hosted any malicious software on its home site. This is all highlighted by the fact however, that Google has refused to visit the site for over ninety days. You can view the Google report here

Native Instruments : Pricing & Packages

The pricing of the companies products are more cost effective than many of its competing brand's equipment. Native Instruments produces instruments and equipment that will fit within any possible pricing limit or budget. The companies higher end software programs top out at $259.00, and their high end equipment like mixers, recording equipment and electronics top out around $1,000. This is low when compared with comprable equipment of the same quality level. Native Instruments also offers direct download of its software components, and free shipping for online orders, reducing the overall cost of the equipment.

Native Instruments : Shipping Rates & Policies

This company has several levels of shipping, and all of them rate above or equal to the average for the industry. Native Instruments offers a direct download feature, where the customer can purchase a software and download it directly from the site. Also, if you order any of the equipment, or software via regular shipping methods it ships free regardless of the price of the item ordered. The company has distributors in Los Angeles, Seattle and also all over Europe. The company has free three to five day shipping. The company can expedite the shipping for a fee, reducing the shipping time to one to two days.  

Native Instruments : Payment Methods Accepted

Native Instruments handles all online purchases through their website which links directly to an outside e-commerce site. The company currently accepts payments from all major credit companies including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. The company also accepts payments via PayPal, Bill me Later, and My Wallet for their Eruopean customers. The company does not currently accept payments via e-check, nor do they have any payment or lay-away style plans. 

Native Instruments : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Native Instrument's has a limited warranty for all of their products that change based on the product purchased. For their solid state equipment, the company offers a limited one year warranty, and also gives the buyer the option of extending the warranty for up to five years for a fee. The software warranty will cover any malfunction of the product not brough about by the user. Also, the warranty explains and implies that the user has a responsibility to make sure that the programs and software purchased are compatible with their personal computing equipment. Native Instruments also reserves the right to try to remedy any malfunction or failure before returning funds. 

Native Instruments : Product images & screenshots
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